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28 May 2024

Routine Immunisation in Kyrgyzstan: Perception Study Report

This study builds on findings from earlier research, shifting its focus from COVID-19 to routine immunisation, and prioritising…


28 May 2024

Vaccination Against COVID-19: Perception Study Report

This study on attitudes towards vaccination in Kyrgyzstan shares and analyses results from surveys, interviews, and focus group…


28 May 2024

A Toolkit for Conducting Communication Activities in Migration

This toolkit from the Danish Red Cross provides practical guidance on how National Societies can effectively facilitate and…


28 May 2024

Hellenic Red Cross research into the psychological support needs of people displaced from Ukraine

This report from the Hellenic Red Cross shares results of a study, conducted with CEA support, looking at…

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4 April 2023

Community Engagement and Accountability in Evaluation

A video on including CEA in programme evaluations. It is essential that people from affected communities are included…

4 April 2023

An Introduction to Community Engagement and Accountability

An introductory video to Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA). When responding to humanitarian crises – whether it’s a…

1 March 2022

Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms – Closing the feedback loop

In this video, Ibrahim, Lebanese Red Cross PMER Coordinator for the Medico-Social sector, takes us through the process…

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